Welcome to my new blog for all my newest Sims2 creations. You will have to forgive the clumsy and rather

basic layout because I know nothing about this kind of stuff and already feel way out of my depth.

Anyway, onwards to the goodies. . . .

10 Mar 2014

Embroidery Patch Earth Living Cushions

You can see how awful my in-game lighting abilities are from the difference in the 2 pictures , haha =)

18 RCs of MysticRain's Earth Living Cushions each with a different embroidery patch deco

I have included the master mesh and slaves in the download file.  I'm always unclear of MysticRain's rules on sharing these - I think it's ok as long as you let her know so that she can link to the RCs . . . but HERE is the original set on her page at BPS

The white background texture is the same as the original (at least I think it is - I made these a long time ago)


Anye's Toska Wooden Vintage Wall Deco

15 RCs of the lovely sectional painting from Anye's Toska Dining set at BPS

Thanks go to Anye for her wonderful meshes , as always . . .


6 Feb 2014

Garden Set - Walls & Floors

There is a collection file included - please place this in the collection folder in your game files and the icon in the icon folder.

All the walls are seamless and come in 3 repeating parts.  I messed up when it came to naming them though.  So they're named in one continuous string of numbers.  They are added to the collection file in order so it shouldn't be too difficult to work out what's going on.  Sorry about that . . . ((MAJOR HATE FOR HOMECRAFTER))

The brick walls come in 2 additional colours but without the corresponding stone walls and floors - I got bored but I liked the bricks.


18 Dec 2013

Flour spills for Dawn

I posted these pics in my album at BPS and Dawn asked about the flour spills and asked me to share.

I had to use shiftable OMSPs to raise them to counter-height.

I love this mesh; it's so useful.  So thanks go to Phaenoh at modthesims, but it is NOT INCLUDED in the download file.  You will need to grab it HERE


Advent Gift - part II

I have recoloured all 3 meshes from this lovely set in the same 8 wood textures (bed & 2 endtables)
The meshes are included in the download file but you can find the original set HERE

Thanks, of course, go to Tinhouse for her gorgeous meshes.


12 Dec 2013

Advent Gift - part I

I love this bench that Tinkle made so here is a set of RCs based around it.

I didn't recolour the whole set; just the bench, gift box, pillow & hanging blanket, but they all come in 4 colour schemes (natural, red, green & blue) with different options so you can mix & match.

Some of the designs/fabrics are specifically Christmas-themed but some are suitable for any time of year.


Huge thanks go to Tinkle for her amazing mesh set.  The 4 meshes that I used are included in the download file but I recommend visiting her page HERE for the full set of goodies.

Thanks also go to MysticRain for her cushion overlay shadow which I used on the pillows and to Goat for the free-to-use wood texture that I used on the bench.

2 Sep 2013

PLANKS walls & floors

LB Planks pic1 LB Planks pic2 LB Planks pic3

 A set of walls & floors that come with a collection file for easy locating in-game.

The walls are seamless horizontally but not vertically (as far as I can remember.)

Ohbehave's Scenic Backdrop

obh backdrop pic1 obh backdrop pic2 obh backdrop swatch1 obh backdrop swatch2 obh backdrop swatch3 obh backdrop swatch4
obh backdrop swatch5

This is such a FANTASTIC mesh.  I love it so much!!
It is 3-storeys high and 10 game-squares wide (I think).  It allows you to create great views from your buildings/lots and with some clever landscaping and/or camera angles they should blend seamlessly into your sims landscape.

CREDITS: ohbehave

Anye's Abbas Dresser & SimsDivine Hayley Chair

hayley chair & abbas dresser PIC1 hayley chair & abbas dresser PIC2 hayley chair & abbas dresser PIC3
hayley chair & abbas dresser PIC4

The Hayley Chair also only has the one subset, so each of the fabrics are done with two different wood textures - a light and a dark one.


CREDITS:  Anye & SimsDivine

Ohbehave's Ikea Nook

OB ikea nook pic1 OB ikea nook pic2 cactus OB ikea nook pic3 endtable OB ikea nook pic4 chair patterns1 OB ikea nook pic5 chair patterns2 OB ikea nook pic6 chair patterns3 OB ikea nook pic7 chair naturals

Several wood textures and many many fabric choices.


CREDITS: Ohbehave